Sylmasta Abrasives

From kits to belts, Sylmasta Cushioned Micro Abrasives are available in a variety of formats. Sylmasta Abrasives are distributed globally from our site in the United Kingdom.

What is a Cushioned Abrasive?

Sylmasta Micro Abrasives are cushioned to prevent the abrasive grit from digging deeply into the surface and cutting aggressively. Instead, the flexible cushioned backing prevents the abrasive from digging into the surface, even if too much pressure is applied, resulting in an even, regular scratch pattern.

What is a Micro Abrasive?

Sylmasta uses micromesh-sized abrasive grits to give the smoothest, glossiest possible finish. Powders are graded using a system of sieves known as meshes and powders are referred to by their mesh size – for example the particles of a 60 mesh powder are 250 microns in size. The very fine mesh used to grade micron-sized powders is known as a micromesh.


Sylmasta Micro Abrasives Products

Sylmasta Cushioned Micro Abrasives Pads are flexible, soft-backed pads used on soft woods, plastics, paint and for finishing metal.
Sylmasta Flexi-Files feature different grades of micro abrasives and are used to provide an extremely smooth final finish for a piece.
Foam Sanding Blocks are used in conjunction with Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Rolls to prevent an uneven finish to surfaces.
Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Liquid is a concentrated polish which is applied to surfaces after abrasion to give an ultra smooth finish.
Sylmasta Micro Abrasives Rolls & Cloths are used for the surface finishing of metals, plastics, wood, GRP, fibreglass and many other materials.
Micro Mesh Flannel Cloths are made from 100% cotton and used for the process of applying Micro Abrasive Liquids to a piece.
Sylmasta Abrasive Kits contain all the products needed to give materials and surfaces a high quality polish in one box.


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