The following product categories are available from Sylmasta Abrasives:


Sylmasta Cushioned Micro Abrasives Pads are flexible, soft-backed pads used on soft woods, plastics, paint and for finishing metal.
Sylmasta Flexi-Files feature different grades of micro abrasives and are used to provide an extremely smooth final finish for a piece.
Foam Sanding Blocks are used in conjunction with Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Rolls to prevent an uneven finish to surfaces.
Sylmasta Micro Abrasive Liquid is a concentrated polish which is applied to surfaces after abrasion to give an ultra smooth finish.
Sylmasta Micro Abrasives Rolls & Cloths are used for the surface finishing of metals, plastics, wood, GRP, fibreglass and many other materials.
Micro Mesh Flannel Cloths are made from 100% cotton and used for the process of applying Micro Abrasive Liquids to a piece.
Sylmasta Abrasive Kits contain all the products needed to give materials and surfaces a high quality polish in one box.


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