The 2-Way Flexi-File comes with two side of micro abrasive and is used to de-buff, polish and smooth small areas of metal

2-Way Flexi-File

The 2-Way Flexi-File features two grades of Micro Abrasive and is used to de-burr, smooth and polish small metal areas.

Each file comes with a different grade on each side, and each type goes from coarse to very smooth.

In order to create a polished surface, you start with the coarse grade, move onto the medium and then finally use the final finish to complete the polishing.

The 2-Way Flexi-File Micro Abrasive contains the following grades:

  • Coarse: (100MX / 150MX – Initial Material Smoothing)
  • Medium: (180MX / 240MX – Initial Smoothing)
  • Final Finish: (400MX / 600MX – Final Polish)

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